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We are welding supplies,welding equipment, welding accessories, gas welding and Arc welding specialist.


From our humble beginning in the historical state of Melaka, 1974 we have grown into a leading welding supplies or welding equipment and Hardware products in Malaysia. With our head office in Puchong, one of the fastest growing industrial areas in country, sided within the high tech Cyber Jaya. We have also extended our reach to Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore. We provide procedure and techniques to solve your arc welding, gas welding, MIG welding , TIG welding or resistance welding procedures.


Our welding equipment and welding accessories are :

Gas Welding / Cut / Heat & Accessories , Magnetic Stand & Drilling Machines , Gas cutting Machines , AC ARC Welding Machine , DC Welding Machine , TIG Inverter Welding , Dryer & Ovens , Medical Consumables , Welding Consumables , Cylinders & Valves and more...

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We sell welding equipment, welding accessories, gas welding, Arc welding and welding supplies at the best prices.